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Mango and coconut and tapioca puddings

If you are a mango lover, this easy but insanely delicious cold Asian dessert is a must-try.

Mango and coconut tapioca puddings are quick to make, packed with tropical flavour and come together with just four ingredients. They’re light and creamy and loaded with soft chewy pearls that are so much fun to eat. If you are a fan of bubble tea or boba, you will wonder where mango and coconut tapioca puddings have been all your life!

Tapioca puddings are naturally gluten free. If you can’t tolerate dairy or would like to make a sugar free desert, you can substitute the condensed milk with maple syrup or your preferred liquid sweetener instead. The condensed milk however makes the mango and coconut puree extra creamy and gives the puddings that authentic Thai flavour. Choose mangos that are fully ripe to get the best texture and sweetness. 

mango and coconut tapioca pudding

Tapioca puddings are the perfect simple summertime dessert. They also make a satisfying after school snack and are healthy enough to pass for breakfast. We know how delicious this dessert is, so our recipe makes enough puddings for a small crowd. Serve in glasses to show off the pearls and store what’s left in a vacuum seal container, so you have dessert (or snacks) covered for several days.  

There are two sizes of tapioca pearls available. For this recipe, you will need mini tapioca pearls (also known as sago). The bigger ones are best used for drinks and take a long time to cook. Cooking small tapioca pearls is quick and failsafe as long as you add the pearls to boiling water. Never add tapioca pearls to the pot when the water is cold, or you’ll end up with a giant mass of congealed jelly in the bottom of your pot. So, note, always wait until the water reaches boiling point before adding the pearls. 

mango and coconut tapioca pudding


Serves 8 (approx.)


1 cup mini tapioca pearls (sago)
1.5 litres (6 cups) water
3 ripe mangos
1 cup coconut milk (Thai brands such as Aroy-D or Savoy taste most authentic)
1/3 cup condensed milk (optional)
¼ cup maple syrup or honey (to substitute condensed milk)


1.   In a medium saucepan, bring the water to a rolling boil.
2.   Add the tapioca pearls and turn the heat down to simmer. Hot enough for the pearls to be moving about in the water.
3.   Stir occasionally so none stick to the bottom of the pot.
4.   Simmer for 20 minutes and then turn the heat off. At this stage, the exterior of the pearls will look translucent, while the centres may still have a few tiny specks of white.
5.   Cover the pot with a lid and let the pearls sit for 5-10 minutes, or until they turn completely translucent.
6.   Pour the cooked tapioca into a fine mesh sieve and rinse well under cold running water.  
7.   Transfer the cooked pearls to a large bowl of cold water to cool down completely. Let the pearls sit in the water until you are ready to use them. 
8.   Drain thoroughly before mixing the pearl into the mango puree. The pearls are sticky, so you may need a spatula to scrap the pearls from the sieve.

9.   Peal the mangos and slice 2 cheeks into small cubes to use as topping and set aside. Cut the rest into rough chunks and add to the Vibe Blender jug.
10.  Add the coconut milk and condensed milk (or sweetener of choice). Secure the lid on then blend on ‘smoothie’ mode for 20 seconds.
11.  Pour the mango puree into the bowl of drained tapioca pearls and fold to incorporate.
12.  Spoon into serving glasses and top with diced mango.
13.  You can eat the tapioca puddings straight away, but they taste better after some chilling time in the fridge.
14.  Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.


mango and coconut tapioca puddings

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