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Barb Hodgens

Barb Hodgens loves to cook with alternative, healthy whole food ingredients, with a focus on gut health. Barb has overcome her own gut health issues through healthy eating. Share your ideas, comments and photos at the end of this post :)

pina colada nice-cream

Tropical fruit ice-cream that is healthy!

Put yourself in a beachy state of mind with this creamy, dairy-free, piña colada frozen desert. You’ll luv the combination of tropical flavors – pineapple, coconut and a twist of lime and we’ve added the ‘adult only’ option to throw in a dash of your favorite rum.

Just like our other no-churn fruit-based ice-creams (mango and coconut or snickers nice-cream), everything comes together in an instant with the Vibe Blender System. It’s the quickest way to enjoy ice cream and without any dairy or sugar, it’s completely guilt free.

Pina Colada nice cream has a nice, soft-serve texture immediately after making it so it’s best to eat it immediately. For a little extra firmness, it’s worth putting it in the freezer for an hour or so before serving. Note, if you leave it too long it will freeze rock solid and will need to be left to thaw for quite a while before you can spoon into it.

Pina colada nice-cream



Serves 4

½ cup homemade coconut yogurt or canned coconut cream
2 cups frozen pineapple pieces
1-2 tablespoons of raw honey or maple syrup
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice (or more to taste)

* For a true Pina Colada taste add 1-2 tablespoons of rum


1.   Preparation the day before: Peel and chop a sweet, fresh pineapple into small pieces and place on a plastic tray in the freezer, overnight. For best results, separate the pieces so that they don’t freeze in one mass. The pineapple pieces are hard to separate once frozen and difficult to blend.
2.   Combine all the ingredients in the Vibe Blender Jug

3.   Insert the tamper into the lid.
4.   Blend until you achieve a consistency that resembles soft serve. You may need to stop the blender and scrap down the sides several times before you reach ice cream consistency. Note: If your blender is having trouble processing frozen clumps, you can add some coconut water from the bottom of your coconut yogurt.
5.   As soon as it is smooth, scoop the ice cream into serving bowls.
6.   Serve and eat immediately or place in the freezer for 1 hour to firm up slightly. 


Pina colada nice-cream